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Allowing The Police To Search Your Car

This educational video was provided by Drew Fritsch, an experienced Buffalo criminal defense attorney.

  • People sometimes wonder whether they are required to allow police to search their car, and the answer is a qualified yes – in three scenarios.
  • First, they may have a probable cause to search your car because of something such as the smell of marijuana coming from inside your car.
  • Second, you may give your consent.
  • Third, if you are arrested, your car can be searched as part of an impounding procedure.
  • If the police simply ask for permission to search your car, you can say, “No, you may not search my car. That would not be convenient for me at this time.”

Are you wondering if you should ever consent to a vehicle search if you were pulled over by the police?  Don’t plead guilty until you know all of your options.

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