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Erie county seal

Depew Village Court
85 Manitou St.
Depew, NY 14043
(716) 683-0978
Town Justice: Hon. Gordon Willis & Paul Bumbalo
Depew is located in Erie County, NY with a population of over 15,300 people.

Are you or a loved one scheduled to appear in the Depew Village Court and need a DWI Attorney or Traffic Lawyer to represent you?

When choosing a DWI Lawyer or Traffic Ticket Attorney to defend you in the Depew Village Court, it is important to choose a qualified attorney with experience handling these types of cases. Criminal Lawyer Drew Fritsch is a former prosecutor with over 20 years of legal experience and can use his knowledge to help you.  We offer a free one-on-one consultation to anyone seeking guidance.


Q. What are the Penalties for a DWI Conviction?

A.  Even a first time DWI arrest carries severe consequences for a person.  A person convicted of DWI will receive a fine of $500 or to $1,000 plus surcharges. The driver's license will be revoked for a period of six months to one year, and an ignition interlock device requiring a breath sample before starting will have to be installed in any vehicle you operate. Finally, the court may also impose probation for up to three years, and up to one year in jail.


Q. How Can Hiring an Attorney Help Me on a Traffic Violation?

A.  An attorney can help you resolve a traffic offense in a number of ways. One thing your attorney will do for you is make sure the officer had a valid reason to pull you over and then investigate that offense and any other offenses with which you may have been charged. Another very important thing an attorney can do is obviate any need for your appearance in court and prevent you from having to take time off work, school – or lose precious time with family – in the process of resolving your case.