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Were you or a loved one charged with burglary in western New York? These charges can carry severe penalties. To learn more about burglary charges, watch this educational video provided by Drew Fritsch, an experienced Buffalo burglary lawyer.

Possible penalties for burglary in New York state are based on three classifications and can bring very serious consequences.

  • Third-degree burglary is punishable by up to seven years in jail.
  • Second-degree burglary, punishable by up to 15 years in jail, means the offender was armed or unlawfully entered an individual’s dwelling.
  • First-degree burglary, punishable by up to 25 years in jail, occurs when an individual is armed when entering a dwelling unlawfully.

How to deal with the police

You may already have experienced the benefits of being courteous in your interactions with the police or you might have experienced the opposite. The police have a great deal of discretionary power when writing tickets or placing individuals under arrest. If an officer pulls a person over for speeding or stops a person with an open container of alcohol, depending on the context, that person’s comportment could mean the difference between a ticket and a warning. If the police stop you for something more serious – like driving while intoxicated, shoplifting or assault – you likely won’t get away with a warning. However, it’s still imperative that you act respectfully. The way you act in your encounter with the police can determine the outcome of your case – for better or worse – when you go to trial.

Did you or a loved one get arrested and charged with burglary or breaking and entering? Don’t plead guilty until you know all of your options.

Contact experienced buffalo burglary lawyer Drew Fritsch for strong legal representation. Attorney Fritsch is dedicated to defending your freedom and protecting your future. We offer free consultations and have achieved positive outcomes for countless clients accused of burglary throughout western New York. Contact us today, and let our experience work for you.

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