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We all do it. But exceeding the speed limit is a fact of life as a driver. If you’re unfortunate enough to actually get caught speeding, you can only guess as to why you got the speeding ticket when so many other speeders did not. But once you get a speeding ticket, should you just plead guilty and pay the fine and be done with it? No! Discussing your case with an experienced Buffalo speeding ticket lawyer can help you figure out your best course of action.

What’s This Going To Cost Me?

This is probably one of your first questions. How fast you were going, where you were speeding and any prior speeding tickets will all factor into what you could potentially owe. For most people, the ticket will cost anywhere from $45 to $600, plus points added to your driving record and a potential increase in insurance premiums. But there are other consequences to consider, such as a suspended license or jail time. Hiring a Buffalo speeding ticket lawyer is highly recommended.

Monetary Penalties

The grand total you will pay for your speeding ticket consists of several components:

  1. The fine itself. The amount depends on how fast you were going, where you were speeding and whether you’re a repeat offender.
  1. Moving violation surcharge. This can vary, depending on the city, town or village that has levied the speeding ticket against you.
  1. Driver responsibility assessment fee. This fee is only required when you receive six or more points on your driving record within an 18-month period. The fee starts at $100 per year for three years, but can go up by $25 per year for each additional point above six points. So if you’re required to pay a driver responsibility fee, you’ll have to pay at least $300 over three years.


The following chart represents the points you can expect to have added to your New York driving record for speeding:

Miles Per Hour Over the Speed Limit Number of Points
1 to 10 3
11 to 20 4
21 to 30 6
31 to 40 8
Anything over 40 11

Higher Insurance Premiums

Auto insurance companies calculate premiums based on their own secret formula for assessing your risk of getting into an accident. When you receive points on your driving record, your insurance company will be notified. The insurance company will likely conclude that you are now at a higher risk of getting into an accident, which will often result in higher insurance premiums for you.

The exact amount of your premium hike will depend on the insurance company. Should you receive points, you will need to contact them to determine exactly how much more you’ll have to pay for insurance.

Suspended Or Revoked Driver’s License

For the average driver, getting a speeding ticket will not result in a suspended or revoked driver’s license, but it can happen in certain circumstances. Let’s start by explaining the difference between a suspension and a revocation.

A suspended license refers to the state taking away your driving privilege for a period of time. When that time period ends, the driving privilege is automatically reinstated. Suspensions can be for a definite or indefinite period of time. Definite suspensions are imposed for a set period of time, such as six months. Indefinite suspension will last forever unless you take action to remove the suspension.

In the case of a revocation, your driving privilege is not automatically restored when the revocation period ends. Instead, you have to get approval from the DMV to get another driver’s license, then reapply for a new driver’s license.

This means taking the written and driving test all over again, as well as paying a license reapplication fee. There can also be additional requirements, depending on your driving history and the reason your license was originally revoked.

Most of the time, getting a speeding ticket won’t result in a license revocation. A suspension is possible, especially if you have several speeding tickets within a certain period of time. The New York DMV can suspend your license if:

  • You accumulate 11 or more points within an 18-month period
  • You have three convictions (including speeding) within an 18-month period
  • You do not pay a fine or answer a traffic ticket

Commercial drivers are held to an even higher standard. For example, if you are convicted of two serious traffic offenses within a three-year period, you might have your commercial license suspended for 60 days. Under New York law, speeding 15 or more miles over the speed limits qualifies as a serious traffic offense.

Jail Time

Jail time is possible as a result of a speeding ticket, but it is very rare. If you are facing potential jail time due to speeding, you probably are in a very unique situation and hiring an experienced Buffalo speeding ticket lawyer is strongly recommended.

Facing A Speeding Ticket? Discuss It With Us.

If you’ve received a speeding ticket and are wondering how to proceed, you should contact Buffalo speeding ticket lawyer Drew Fritsch for a free consultation. It might seem easy to just plead guilty and pay the penalty, but by hiring an attorney, you might be able to avoid a license suspension, points on your driving record or reduce your financial penalties. The Law Office of Drew Fritsch can help you figure out the best course of action.

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