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Were you pulled over for texting while driving, or using your cellphone without a hands-free device? We’ve provided an educational video to explain your rights and what you should know if you’ve been issued a cellphone violation ticket in New York. This educational video was provided by Drew Fritsch, an experienced Buffalo cellphone ticket attorney.

  • New York State imposes some of the country’s strictest penalties for talking on a cellphone or utilizing a mobile device while driving.
  • Conviction is a five-point offense, at the same level as passing a school bus or reckless driving.
  • It is important to remember that accumulating 11 points within 18 months will cause suspension of one’s driver’s license.
  • Anyone charged with texting while driving or talking on a cellphone while operating a motor vehicle should hire an attorney to help protect their driving privilege.

Hiring A Buffalo Cellphone Ticket Attorney

You may think traffic offenses aren’t serious enough to merit hiring an attorney; conversely, you might think there’s little you can do to avoid an impending conviction. Both opinions are misled. There are many benefits that could make retaining a traffic attorney “worth it,” saving you time and money and protecting your reputation. A traffic attorney could:

  • Argue or bargain for your charges to be reduced, saving you money on fines and insurance hikes.
  • Have charges dismissed by questioning an officer’s reasons for pulling you over.
  • Reschedule a court appearance if you missed your first appearance.
  • For simpler charges, waive your appearance in court, eliminating the need to take time off from work or away from family and friends.

Ultimately, your choice to retain a traffic ticket attorney could save you money, save you time, save you from the embarrassment and hassle of a court appearance, keep points off your license, keep your insurance premiums down, and keep your record free of criminal charges. Really, you can’t afford to go into this alone.

Were you caught texting while driving or ticketed with a cellphone violation for talking on your cellphone? We appear in court on your behalf so you don’t have to.

Contact Drew Fritsch for guidance, he is an experienced Buffalo cellphone ticket attorney and will defend your driving record. We offer free consultations and have achieved positive outcomes for countless clients charged with cellphone violations throughout western New York.

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Time is money, and your time is valuable. We can save you the hassle of personally appearing in court. Hiring an experienced Buffalo cellphone violation lawyers is the surefire way to receive reduced fines, shortened probation periods or even a complete dismissal.