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Fighting Driving While Ability Impaired Charges In New York

Any kind of impaired driving charge in New York is serious business. As soon as you are pulled over, you know that you will be facing the possibility of serious fines, jail time and a future limited by a criminal record. The only appropriate response is to fight back against these charges and do everything you can to minimize the damage a conviction could have on your life.

At the Law Office of Drew Fritsch, we focus on criminal defense and defense of all types of driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges. As a former prosecuting attorney with more than 20 years of legal experience, I bring a unique experience to these cases. I know the stakes you are facing and how important this is, and I know how the other side approaches it. Serving clients throughout the Buffalo, New York, area, we know how to defend your rights and help you

What Is DWAI?

In New York, driving while under the influence of drugs is a distinct crime from driving under the influence of alcohol. The general category for the charge is driving while ability impaired (DWAI). If the impairment is caused only by drugs that do not include alcohol, the charge is Drug-DWAI. If both drugs and alcohol are involved, the charge is Combination-DWAI.

The penalties for a DWAI conviction are similar to those of a standard DWI conviction, including fines, jail time, a suspended license and the possibility of ignition interlock. The primary difference is that Drug-DWAI convictions do not allow for the possibility of a provisional license, as there are no adequate alternatives to the blood-alcohol testing ignition interlock used for standard DWI cases.

Of course, just like standard DWI cases, if you have previous convictions for the same crime on your record within the past five years, you will face significantly increased penalties.

Strong Defense

Whether this is your first time facing these charges or you have previous DWI convictions, our law firm will help you. We take an informed, aggressive approach to making sure our clients have the best chance possible to minimize the consequences and get their lives back.

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