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College students and DWI charges: What now?

If you’re a college student, you know that alcohol and drug use is common on college campuses, even when the drugs are illegal or those drinking the alcohol are underage. Naturally, this atmosphere can lead to DWI charges.

For both students and their parents, such accusations are a great cause of worry. What are the ramifications going to be? Is the student going to lose their chance at an education? How can it impact their future career? There are a lot of questions one must ask, and it’s tough to see a promising future up in the air over one event.

The good news is that there are many defenses against DWI charges. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Claiming that the initial traffic stop that led to the DWI arrest was illegal since there was no reason for the officer to pull over the car in the first place. Remember, the police cannot carry out random stops, even if those stops give them exactly what they were hoping for.
  • Saying that the field sobriety tests were not carried out properly or that they were carried out by someone who wasn’t trained.
  • Claiming that the breath test was administered by an untrained officer, that the officer made a critical mistake or that the device itself had not been calibrated.
  • Showing that the college student did not know they were under the influence and never meant to be; for instance, this defense is sometimes used when a drink has been spiked.
  • Saying that the chain of custody was breached with regard to a blood test, meaning that the results cannot be trusted.

Again, these are not all of the potential defenses, but they are some of the main ones people use and they can help you see how nothing should ever be considered an open-and-shut case. Those facing serious charges have to know what legal defense options they have.