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Defending against domestic violence charges

Domestic violence charges are a serious matter to face. A conviction or even an accusation is enough to damage a reputation and jeopardize a person’s future. These charges can also put child custody and the ability to earn a job at risk. Because of how dangerous these charges are, it is essential to know how to defend against them.

domestic violence cases have been increasing around the world lately. With the increase in cases, it is important to know what an effective defense against them is. Here are a few examples of successful defenses:

You did not do it

If someone alleges that you committed domestic assault, proving that you have an ironclad alibi is one of the best ways of beating the accusation. Your lawyer can help you confirm your whereabouts at the time of the alleged assault.


If you were acting to protect yourself from another person, you were acting in self-defense. Experts know how to identify defensive injuries on a person. They can also look for inconsistencies in testimony and evidence to establish whether or not the alleged assault was self-defense.

Insufficient evidence

Even if someone accuses you of committing domestic violence, there still needs to be proof of it happening. If the accuser is unable to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you had committed domestic assault, then you may not receive a conviction. A lack of physical evidence or witness testimony is a typical example of insufficient evidence.

Police errors

If police commit mistakes during their investigation, your lawyer may be able to establish police misconduct in one of several ways. Typical examples of police misconduct include failure to read Miranda Rights, they denied your request for a lawyer, or there was no probable cause for their search of evidence.

It was an accident

This defense does require the defendant to accept that they were present for the injury, but they defend the idea that they did not intentionally cause an injury. An example of this would be two people playing catch, and the defendant accidentally struck the plaintiff in the eye with a baseball.

Rely on an attorney’s experience

Lawyers know that there are many defenses two domestic violence charges, and they are not open and shut cases. There are many ways in which you can defend yourself from domestic violence charges if the situation allows it, so be sure to discuss with your defense attorney about what options are best for you.