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While an individual’s home is a sacred place, their motor vehicle is not so sacred when it comes to a police officer’s right to search your vehicle. New York State’s vehicle presumption states that any person inside a vehicle where contraband, such as illegal narcotics or guns, are found can be charged with – and ultimately convicted of – possessing that item. This presumption applies even if the individual did not know the item was present in the vehicle. Because that is true, it is very important for anyone charged in a vehicle presumption type of case to meet with an attorney. The ultimate facts and circumstances of how you arrived in that vehicle, how the contraband came to be present in that vehicle, and who else may have been inside that vehicle can all be used to help defend you in a vehicle presumption case where contraband was found inside a car.

Have you been charged with an illegal item in your car that wasn’t yours during a traffic stop? Contact Buffalo Criminal Attorney Drew Fritsch, and reclaim your innocence.

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