A Former District Attorney Now Fighting For Your Rights


Throughout my career in Buffalo, I have met with many different types of clients, some of whom had good dealings with police, and some who may not have acted appropriately as they were dealing with police. I am often asked, “How should I deal with a police officer?” My first response is, “The way you deal with a police officer may ultimately affect the resolution of the case – either in your favor or against you – in court.” You will never win a battle with a police officer at the roadside or scene of a crime. The important thing to do is be courteous and indicate that you will hire an attorney later on and deal with the situation in court.

If you have been stopped by the police, remember to always be respectful.  But if you end up becoming arrested, contact Drew Fritsch, a Criminal Lawyer in Buffalo NY for help.

This educational legal blog was brought to you by Drew Fritsch, an experienced Buffalo Criminal Defense Attorney.