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The Buffalo-Niagara Falls metropolitan area, with its profusion of colleges, universities, and trendy neighborhoods, is a haven for adolescents planning for their futures. However, because of the wealth of options available for young adults to engage in mature activities, there is a trend among high schoolers and undergraduate students to try to sidestep the laws barring them from drinking alcohol. One common tactic is to purchase a fake ID, which may appear to blend in seamlessly with real IDs and be merely frowned upon, but these IDs are in fact illegal, and no police officer will mistake a false ID for a real one. In the video below, Buffalo criminal defense attorney Drew Fritsch outlines the repercussions that young adults can face if they are caught with possession of a fake ID.

If you are caught using a fake ID, it can result in serious consequences. Whether you are an underage student trying to get into a bar to purchase an alcoholic drink, or using it to give a false impression of your place or residence, it is highly illegal. Each year, many individuals are often arrested for possessing or using fake IDs in order to obtain drinks. Possession of a fake ID may be either a violation or a misdemeanor. Penalties for possessing and utilizing fake IDs may include having one’s driving privilege suspended.

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