A Former District Attorney Now Fighting For Your Rights


Throughout my career in the city of Buffalo as a criminal defense attorney, I have represented many individuals who had been charged with possession of heroin. Heroin is an epidemic – not only in the Buffalo area, but throughout the country – so, when I meet with an individual, I tell them the first thing to do is enter into some type of treatment or at least undergo evaluation to determine if they need treatment. This is important for two reasons. The first is obvious. It’s essential to begin getting their life back on track. Second, the courts look very favorably upon an individual who has taken it upon themselves to voluntarily enter into treatment. If the court sees that someone charged with possession of heroin is taking proper steps toward getting life back in order, they are much more likely to impose a lesser sentence or dismiss a charge altogether.

Were you or a loved one charged or arrested for possession of heroin or any other opiate?  Contact our dedicated criminal defense lawyer in Buffalo NY, Drew Fritsch to fight for your freedom.

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