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Alden Town Court
3311 Wende Rd.
Alden, NY 14004
(716) 937-6969 ext. 6
Town Justice: Larry LaDuca & Christopher Cummings
Alden is located in Erie County, NY with a population of over 10,800 people.

Are you or a loved one scheduled to appear in the Alden Town Court and need a DWI Attorneyor Traffic Lawyer to represent you?

When choosing a DWI Lawyer or Traffic Ticket Attorney to defend you in the Alden Town Court, it is important to choose a qualified attorney with experience handling these types of cases. Criminal Lawyer Drew Fritsch is a former prosecutor with over 20 years of legal experience and can use his knowledge to help you.  We offer a free one-on-one consultation to anyone seeking guidance.


Q. What is Aggravated DWI?

A.  A person whose breath reading is .18 or higher will be charged with aggravated DWI. While it is still a misdemeanor, the penalties for this crime are higher than they would be if they had been charged with a regular DWI. For example, the fine will be at least $1,000, and may range all the way up to $2,500, in addition to certain surcharges that are very expensive. Also, the offender's license will be suspended/revoked for a period of one year, and other consequences may include a period of probation lasting up to three years as well as up to one year in jail. Judges are more likely to impose a jail sentence for an aggravated DWI than in cases of regular DWI.


Q. What are the Penalties for a Cell Phone Violation?

A. Drivers in New York State face some of the country's strictest penalties with regard to talking on a cell phone or utilizing a mobile device for texting and/or getting directions. Conviction of either one of those charges is a five-point offense – the same number of points faced by an individual who passes a school bus or is convicted of reckless driving. As a matter of perspective, remember accumulating only 11 points within 18 months will cause your driver's license to be suspended.